1937: Urmet’s foundation

1946: Presentation of the first BLC telephone

1958: Start of the mass production of door phones

1964: Public telephone for local and long-distance calls

1967: First video-door phone system in Italy

1973: Microprocessor counters for phones

1978: First on-line public telephony management system in the world

1981: First fully automated credit card payphone management system in the world

1982: Patent of the prepaid card system for public telephony

1986: Low cost prepaid card telephone system for public payphones

1988: First CEPT900MHz-compliant cordless telephone

1990: 15.000.000th door phone installed and 100.000.000th prepaid phone card

1992: 200 ports digital switchboard

1993: SCAI structure (Intelligent network for building automation)

1994: Wireless telephones and switchboards compliant with the DECT European standard

1996: Foundation of Urmet Domus, company that specializes on integrate solutions
for communication, security and building automation

1997: Cordless Mobility Telephones (CMT) based on DECT technology for micro-cellular

1998: TAUCARD chip phone card with security module

1999: Advanced services on an intelligent network;
K-Steel anti-vandal modular video-door phone system

2003: Introduction of Semplice, first home automation system

2005: New integrated video-surveillance and intrusion/fire alarm systems for professional use

2007: Antonio Citterio designs the first Simon Urmet’s wiring system

2009: Introduction of the Signo, Imago and Arco video-door phone monitors

2010: New digital video-door phone systems 2Voice and IperVoice

2012: Urmet’s 75th anniversary

2013: Introduction of IperHome, the all new home automation system