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Unlimited benefits in only one system.URMET GLT Perseo is a system that improves efficience in the hotel management industry.Multiple advantages can be achieved in areas such as: Management cost reduction, Security, Integrated control of devices and the system, Improvement of service standards and Improvement of hotel levels

Management cost reduction

– Ability to save up to 25% energy managing lights and HVAC based on environmental parameters (time of day, season, type of room) and other parameters (presence of people, type of use of the premises, managing windows shutters and sunblinds).


– Access control for guests and employees

– System can work 24h/7 also during malfunctioning

– Integration security systems, fire and burglar alarm and emergency system

– Door opening Control

Integrated control of devices and the system- Centralized management via software

– Power failure Alarm

– Ability to schedule activation locally or remotely

– Technological alarms can be revealed immediately

– Failure detection inside the rooms

Improvement of service standards

– Automatic report list of booked rooms that has not been occupied yet, so need to be tyde up.

– Automatic report list of open minibars

– Immediate detection of technological alarms

– Advanced services including: reception, Check-in and check-out

– NFC technology for doors and accessc control

Improvement of hotel levels

– Scent devices

– NFC technology for doors and accessc control

– HVAC clima control

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