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Sentinel provides a valid public and private security service. Distributed in more sensitive urban (parks, bus stops, streets, car parks, etc.) and non-urban (road and railway tunnels, motorways etc.) places.

Sentinel assures discrete and constant video-surveillance and assistance to the user in the event of emergency. Furthermore, the presence and visibility of Sentinel effectively becomes a deterrent against acts of violence and vandalism and the device is a tangible sign of security measures adopted by the authorities.

Sentinel can monitor a certain area in real time for prevention and record for post-event investigation, Sentinel is able to assure immediate assistance by pressing the SOS button which put the member of the public in audio/video contact with the Control Centre.

Sentinel can function as a recharging station for electric vehicles and bicycles favoring the environmental policy for sustainable mobility.

Sentinel is available in a wide range of configurations that answer all kinds of functional requirements. However, further ad-hoc project analysis can be requested in order to satisfy specific operative necessities.

Designed to respond to the growing need for security in public places.

Scalable: the project can grow in time (number of columns) maintaining the initial investment.

Flexible: adapts to the various transmission technologies on the market (cabled and wireless).

Integrated: easy to integrate with the other Urmet system.

Reliable: performance remains unaltered over time due to elevated MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure = average time elapsed between two successive breakdowns) for every component of the system.

Compatible: the CCTV system has been developed in order to be compatible with standards currently in use by the police, therefore this system’s interface is easy to adapt with their Supervision centers (stations, etc.) wherever necessary in the future.

User-friendly: very easy operation/interface commands based on drag-and-drop technology, with a simple click of the mouse to carry out all system functions. The management, both on the part of the administrator and the operator, is extremely easy to understand, reducing operating time and training cost.


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