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Nea Kadra reflects unique design. Designed by Antonio Citterio in collaboration with Toan Nguyen for those who seek the unconventional. Shape and color meet: from total white to more daring, playful color combinations. This lighting point can embody interior styles that are very far apart from one another. It can mimic the sober minimalist and high-tech character of one-color ambiances as well as the cheerful atmosphere of colorful, lively interiors. It accommodates all functions and offers a choice of techno polymer or metal slates.

Nea translates the latest market trends into an open system that blends in with different home styles. Three design styles are now available,
With the new addition Expi supplementing the Flexa and Kadra lines.
There are(five gloss and satin finishes to choose from)for control devices and functions. The performance level of a state-of-the-art electrical installation and integration with Urmet Group products combine to meet every installation requirement for residential, commercial and public buildings.

Nea Expi is a new lighting point. Essential, dynamic and contemporary. An exclusive design at affordable prices. Glass, aluminum and metal cover plates in many different shades and finishes. Three new finishes for control devices and functions: Icy White, Dark Iron or Aluminum supplement the two existing Anthracite and White satin finishes. Full range of functions for energy, comfort and security management. Possible integration with video-entry phone, anti-intrusion and access management applications offered by the Urmet Group.

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