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Perseo increases efficiency, the hotel service level and at the same time it simplifies management. With easy procedures, on any PC the staff can have access to any information regarding rooms, guest’s requests and equipment state.


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H-Modo by Urmet was designed to adapt to any architectural or furnishing context. It’s modern uncluttered design satisfies the highest customer expectations.


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Nea translates the latest market trends into an open system that blends in with different home styles. Three design styles and five gloss and satin finishes for control devices and functions. The performance level of a state-of-the-art electrical installation.


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Hotel System

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Unlimited benefits in only one system.URMET GLT Perseo is a system that improves efficience in the hotel management industry.Multiple advantages can be achieved in areas such as: Management cost reduction, Security, Integrated control of devices and the system, Improvement of service standards and Improvement of hotel levels

Management cost reduction

– Ability to save up to 25% energy managing lights and HVAC based on environmental parameters (time of day, season, type of room) and other parameters (presence of people, type of use of the premises, managing windows shutters and sunblinds).


– Access control for guests and employees

– System can work 24h/7 also during malfunctioning

– Integration security systems, fire and burglar alarm and emergency system

– Door opening Control

Integrated control of devices and the system- Centralized management via software

– Power failure Alarm

– Ability to schedule activation locally or remotely

– Technological alarms can be revealed immediately

– Failure detection inside the rooms

Improvement of service standards

– Automatic report list of booked rooms that has not been occupied yet, so need to be tyde up.

– Automatic report list of open minibars

– Immediate detection of technological alarms

– Advanced services including: reception, Check-in and check-out

– NFC technology for doors and accessc control

Improvement of hotel levels

– Scent devices

– NFC technology for doors and accessc control

– HVAC clima control

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Sentinel provides a valid public and private security service. Distributed in more sensitive urban (parks, bus stops, streets, car parks, etc.) and non-urban (road and railway tunnels, motorways etc.) places.

Sentinel assures discrete and constant video-surveillance and assistance to the user in the event of emergency. Furthermore, the presence and visibility of Sentinel effectively becomes a deterrent against acts of violence and vandalism and the device is a tangible sign of security measures adopted by the authorities.

Sentinel can monitor a certain area in real time for prevention and record for post-event investigation, Sentinel is able to assure immediate assistance by pressing the SOS button which put the member of the public in audio/video contact with the Control Centre.

Sentinel can function as a recharging station for electric vehicles and bicycles favoring the environmental policy for sustainable mobility.

Sentinel is available in a wide range of configurations that answer all kinds of functional requirements. However, further ad-hoc project analysis can be requested in order to satisfy specific operative necessities.

Designed to respond to the growing need for security in public places.

Scalable: the project can grow in time (number of columns) maintaining the initial investment.

Flexible: adapts to the various transmission technologies on the market (cabled and wireless).

Integrated: easy to integrate with the other Urmet system.

Reliable: performance remains unaltered over time due to elevated MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure = average time elapsed between two successive breakdowns) for every component of the system.

Compatible: the CCTV system has been developed in order to be compatible with standards currently in use by the police, therefore this system’s interface is easy to adapt with their Supervision centers (stations, etc.) wherever necessary in the future.

User-friendly: very easy operation/interface commands based on drag-and-drop technology, with a simple click of the mouse to carry out all system functions. The management, both on the part of the administrator and the operator, is extremely easy to understand, reducing operating time and training cost.


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Nea Kadra reflects unique design. Designed by Antonio Citterio in collaboration with Toan Nguyen for those who seek the unconventional. Shape and color meet: from total white to more daring, playful color combinations. This lighting point can embody interior styles that are very far apart from one another. It can mimic the sober minimalist and high-tech character of one-color ambiances as well as the cheerful atmosphere of colorful, lively interiors. It accommodates all functions and offers a choice of techno polymer or metal slates.

Nea translates the latest market trends into an open system that blends in with different home styles. Three design styles are now available,
With the new addition Expi supplementing the Flexa and Kadra lines.
There are(five gloss and satin finishes to choose from)for control devices and functions. The performance level of a state-of-the-art electrical installation and integration with Urmet Group products combine to meet every installation requirement for residential, commercial and public buildings.

Nea Expi is a new lighting point. Essential, dynamic and contemporary. An exclusive design at affordable prices. Glass, aluminum and metal cover plates in many different shades and finishes. Three new finishes for control devices and functions: Icy White, Dark Iron or Aluminum supplement the two existing Anthracite and White satin finishes. Full range of functions for energy, comfort and security management. Possible integration with video-entry phone, anti-intrusion and access management applications offered by the Urmet Group.

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1 type of cable for the whole system: CAT5/5e/6 or fiber optics. IP technology Unlimited extension, risers, users and functions. Integrated functions connected to video-door phone service. All devices and functions are installed directly in the system, with no need for additional wiring.

Maximum extension: no limit to the number of users, riser columns, switchboards and conversations. Optical-fiber-ready. Ideal for large residential compounds with high integration needs (access control, switchboards, intrusion alarm systems, video surveillance systems, intercom systems). Self-diagnostic system for checking system state.

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IPerView: single integration platform for advanced management of security systems.

IperView is an innovative integration system developed in CLIENT/SERVER architecture, dedicated to the centralization and advanced supervision of several subsystems:

Its modular structure makes IperView suitable to all contexts and allows continuous implementations following the customers’ needs. IperView visualizes, in a simple and interactive way, the state of one or more areas and of its alarms, with the possibility of monitoring and managing remotely the peripherals and of activating a first automated intervention in case of emergency.

• Management of all control and security systems and subsystems on the same interface.
• Optimization of reaction times thanks to the commands activating the monitoring and alarm
systems and direct interventions on the system.
• Centralization of all monitoring and first intervention operations for resource optimization.
• Versatility of controls and functions for a reliable and easy to use system.
• Remote monitoring and control.
• Scalability: the system evolves on the basis of the customer’s needs, without useless cost increases.
• Modularity: possibility of requesting single applications to implement the system in time.
• Compatibility: possibility of integrating third parties.

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